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What is Ideallion?

Ideallion helps inventors and businesses develop and market their ideas and products. We help our clients with the things they need. We provide designing, prototyping, representation, manufacturing, marketing and distribution expertise.

Founded in 2010, Ideallion is located in College Station, Texas.

Current Projects

These are some of the projects we are currently working on.

Portable Electronics Lab (PEEL)

Real electronics lab work should happen when and where you're ready to create, test, and invent. Now it can. Anytime. Anywhere. The Portable Electronics Lab is a complete, standalone, battery-operated laboratory with standalone instruments. Each component was hand-picked to provide you the best in reliability and durability.

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Zero and One

"Zero and One" is a beautifully realized picture book on the universal themes of friendship and forgiveness. Zero's anguish and One's remorseful shame are brought to vibrant life with note-perfect watercolor by folk artist-illustrator, Kim Frey. The two numerals are multi-dimensional characters that we care about from page one. By keeping words and imagery spare in their straightforward account of break-up, heartbreak and reconciliation, Jeff and Kim make an old story fresh again! Universal and age appropriate for everyone.

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The Awesome Team

The patented Awesome Team is ready to help make your dream a reality.

Jeff Byington

Most of Jeff's professional career has been in IT Consulting; he now works as an inventor, publisher, artist, and principal founder of Ideallion, Inc. Along with his own projects, Jeff promotes other creative types, as he believes "there's enough success in this world to go around for everyone." Jeff has five children, and he and his wife, Libby, live in the Austin, Texas area.